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14 years 6 months ago #29 by Trifler
Summary: Suggestion - Guild Window Display Members Online/Offline
Opened: 08/06/2008 20:57 GMT
Modified: 08/06/2008 21:46 GMT
Opened By: Trifler
Assigned To: Beta Testers: Aurelius
Product: Beyond Protocol
Status: Suggestion under Review
Severity: (Low)

In our guild whenever someone logs on they type in guild chat, "Who's on?" in order to find out what guild members are online. This can be annoying. Since the Guild Window already displays a list of all the members, I think it would be helpful to have it indicate who is online and who is offline.
A couple of possible ways to do this might be:

1) Add a column that states Online or Offline
2) Display the names of players who are online in bold and/or colored text
3) Add the same graphics (the red/green dot) currently used to indicate whether a facility is powered or not, to the left of each player's name. Have it display green when online and red when offline, with a tooltip that says Online when green and Offline when red.

Note: The list should not indicate the player is online until they are fully logged in and their interface is fully active. Otherwise there would be a risk of someone sending them a message before their chat box was working and visible and it might never be seen.

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