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13 years 11 months ago #81 by RavenWolf
My Challenge to Mylon... was created by RavenWolf
Master Mylon...

Consider this letter formal notice of my offer of a challenge to you in a fair and interesting matter. I request that we have a duel of epic proportions to settle this massive mess that you started last night with my colonies rather than you just mindlessly blow things up because you feel like it. I wanted to test something new out that I feel can have some surprises for all involved and I also wanted to get at the root problem of why my comp keeps crashing out BP whenever you fire those missles of yours. I have very little desire to fight you or even play the game beyond seeing what technologies I can develop as a result of messing around with my tech builders (missles excluded because they are in my opinion overpowered at the moment) and have been spending the majority of my time trying to help out with the game itself by verifying bugs for Rakura in an effort to try to fix the myriads of issues that are present in the bug tracker. So rather then you blowing up all of my colonies without me even actually being there to fight you in any reasonable way since I really don't care... why don't we just have a friendly little duel, one of your ships against one of mine and see what happens yeah? I think it'd be great and a lot of fun... allow me to continue bug testing for Master Rakura and at the same time figure out why my computer likes to crash the client when you fire your missles... lol... So hopefully you'll read this and hopefully we can agree to something as I have no desire to lose all of my time and effort put into this game because you "caught one of my agents" when I had that agent captured to test one of the rescue agent bugs. Heck I had to recruit an agent bad enough to get captured by your people since I went through all of my agents and none of them got captured when I infiltrated them... :S So I hope to hear from you soon and hopefully we can have a little fun in a little while! Looking forward to our friendly engagement and hope we can both bring our best to the fight!

Cordially Yours,
Grandmaster RavenWolf

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13 years 11 months ago #84 by antofdeath
Replied by antofdeath on topic Re:My Challenge to Mylon...
Actually Ravenwolf I might suggest this be upgraded to the crashes forum because Alvenor also gets this issue but form his own missiles.

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13 years 10 months ago #96 by Mylon
Replied by Mylon on topic Re:My Challenge to Mylon...
I finally now come to this forum ( I swear, Vimes has like 3 of these set up and when one didn't work it was discouraging ).

Anyway, Raven and I settled our differences. I was declaring war on the galaxy and Raven looked like a prime target because he was close. And I had one of his spies.

But now that's settled, we had our little duel. One of my destroyers versus 5 of his corvettes. The destroyer won with barely a scratch. I guess that goes to show that missiles really are uber.

Funny thing is, I found out well after the fact that that destroyer only had 1 out of 2 of its missiles working (only 25 range). Well, that has been fixed. :)

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