The Treaty of Nusaken

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To all:

I have more faith in my treaty as a way to lead the way for future treaties and set examples of what can be done in a successful environment of diplomatic agreement. As such, I am both happy and disappointed at what I've seen result as of our request. AntofDeath leaving of his own accord creates a black hole environment of power in the Black Hand itself, but I assure you that if any action is taken against the Black Hand as the matter regarding AntofDeath has been resolved to out liking, that that aggressor can count on having another aggressor to deal with as well. We wish you all well as you have continued to uphold our treaty and I look forward to working with all of you in the not so distant future. If you have any future dealings with the Trader's Consortium never hesitate to contact me or my co-leader Baron Malinko as we will be more then happy to assist as long as the cause is just and the fighting good. All hail the Black Hand!

Ambassador RavenWolf

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