Treaty of Tegmen

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Treaty of Tegmen was created by RavenWolf
This treaty will be officially verified upon confirmation by representatives from the Borg about it's use and has been previously negotiated beforehand. All questions about the treaty should be addressed to Malinko, myself, and Majestic for any possible disputes so that they may be further addressed and dealt with.

Article 1) The system of Tegmen officially belongs to the members of the Traders Consortium and all Borg forces and members will remove ALL presence from this system.

Article 2) The system of Asellus belongs to the Borg and all Traders Consortium presence will be removed from here as well as per article 1

Article 3) The system of Nusaken will be neutral and all non-research colonies will be removed. Production and Military colonies are officially banned from this system.

Article 4) There will be NO standing military presence in Nusaken, all military forces passing through to Sadr are permitted so long as they do not stop while in the system and are on a clear path to the Nusaken-Sadr WH. All other military travel percludes a violation of the treaty and can be dealt with by forced removal without reprecussion

Article 5) Blockading the WH for the Traders Consortium is acceptable on the Tegmen side ONLY. Blockading the WH for the Borg is acceptable on the Asellus side ONLY.

Article 6) If Article 1 is violated, the Traders Consortium has full permission by the Borg to remove the Borg presence in Tegmen without reprecussion from the Borg as a whole.

Article 7) If Article 2 is violated, the Borg have full permission by the Traders Consortium to remove the TC presence in Asellus without reprecussion from the TC as a whole.

This is the treaty as it stands today and upon affirmation by the Borg becomes full law in the eyes of the Galactic Senate. All future agreements met for these parties should be addressed towards the leaders of their respective organizations.

Ambassador RavenWolf : Diplomatic Emissary and co-leader of the Traders Consortium

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