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10 years 5 months ago #1377 by BlankSlate
Home World makers was created by BlankSlate
Were looking for testers in the Relic forums. Was last July thou. :(
Blackbird Interactive for game called Hardware.


If you like homeworld from 1998, 2001.

can't really find much info on the game.

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10 years 5 months ago #1392 by Havoc
Replied by Havoc on topic Re: Home World makers
I really wish games in the MMORTS community would stop trying to say they have "The world's first" anything... You do NOT have "the world's first planetary-scale social strategy game." That HAS been done several times before... Boundless Planet certainly IS planetary-scale, and that game has been going since the early 2000's. Mankind and of course Beyond Protocol have very big planets, but I'm not sure I would classify them as truly planetary-scale. All of which ARE social games though... Now, if they want to say that they have the first GLOBALLY SUCCESSFUL one, then fine, but then they actually have to deliver something!

Other than that, cool, always good to have more MMORTS's on the rise! ;)

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