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changes to weapon designer was created by dmai
ive been looking at weapon designer and thought "this is intresting but its complexity is arbitary, pointless, and boring" so ill post what your missing from weapon designer

1. accuracy-for all weapons... you know cannon and pulse turrets can turn to target too yes?
2. racks/batteries/arrays-yes you stick 50 laser togethere with stuickytape link them to one charger and you got 50x the damage for 60x the charge time(this should be part of the damage calculation rather then that arbitary 1 slider system)
3. reloading mechanisim-links to rack system, do you stick in one missile/charge 1 laser at a time, load the whole rack and fire off a single shot. larger reload systems reload faster for more space, single load mechanisims alow faster rate of fire, multiload alow more 1 shot damage from the rack(esp for missiles)
4. armor penetration/customiseable damage stats-its a good question why cant i lob antimater shells at your hull with cannons doing 99% fire damage
5. projectile modification-customizeable missiles(not missile launcher but actual missile)speed, manuv, tracking, anti pd ai, clustermissile, payload type, tracking, ect... so much you could do also customiseable bullets
6. laser stats-laser colamination(how focusd it is, range)), beam width(large=thermal damage small=piercing), max charge(how much energy each shot has), continuous beam/pulse beam(more spread out dps v verry high damage) wavelength(gama ray lazers of doom, another armor modifier stat, posible personel damage to ships) charge speed(how fast it load capacitor)

so these are things that are totaly usless cause the curent system works but implementing them would give the game a certain more in depth feel and more cutimizeability...

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