usefull little things(menu improvments ect..)

9 years 3 months ago - 9 years 3 months ago #706 by dmai
just thought of a few things that could make the game more streamlined and less micro intensive.

mining menus:
build all mines command(for builders)
auto bid(minimum bid, bid for top place(limit per mineral), buy selected minerals only, stripmine)
planetary, system wide, galactic mineral managers.

auto ship minerals/parts to [other tradepost(if planet has space)]
auto purchase x# of minerals for [max price]
auto sell x
system wide and galaxy wide managers
auto mineral import(will order shipments of minerals required for productions from nearest available source)

powere/building on/off state manager(automaticly turns on/off powere generators and housings as they are needed)
refinery build que(needed when your making one of those awsome 30alloy ships)
adv construction que(when you que a ship it automaticly splits parts/alloys production between all structures in the colony)
automatic garrison(will automaticly reinforce a planets garrison of fighters/tanks/atmospheric ships from other colonies and que productions for required ships(needs a garrison set up menue(with a save setup option so you can set it up for many planets fast))
tax manager(give it a pop growth rate/population to hover at and it will ajust taxes acordingly)
population manager(for colonies that are at 100 morale(reaserch/production worlds) will ship off colonists to underpopulated worlds)

general(as in for evrywhere)
cp manager:
will destroy mines that no longer have a mineral deposit, and try to avoid exceeding 75% cp usage by mines when auto mine builder is on
will dock ships with no orders and move atmospheric craft into planets with free space when no orders are giver
checkbox for units you dont want it to manage

more will be added as i come up with it
this is just to take the monotony out of bp... (and maybe get more presistant players->less dificult and mind numbingly repetetive, micro intensive play)

some of this stuff is just usefull, but some of this stuff(mining, production managment) is the most basic stuff needed if you want this game to have more then 20 active long term players
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