New Player Protection - Planet Bubbles!

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11 years 4 months ago #443 by Havoc
So, we all remember Aurelius saying "We need to control this space engineer spamming" and there were several attempts to slow the initial spread of old players in new systems.

What if every planet in a spawn system started with a new player protection bubble. It would prevent players from going down to planet, and would only be broken if (1) a player from that planet went to space (after a click through warning perhaps) or (2) the system is no longer deemed a spawn system.

This would prevent, say, me, from BG'ing to spawn systems, or getting spawned in a spawn system, and then contaminating every planet in the system. It would work similar to how worm holes are protected now. It would theoretically create a sort of increase in levels for new players as the reach higher scopes of defense.

I would propose that players with only one colony get a revenue increase of some sort though so this protection isn't prohibitively crippling.


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11 years 4 months ago #450 by Trifler
Replied by Trifler on topic Re: New Player Protection - Planet Bubbles!
I like this idea, including the income boost from only having one colony.

I'd also like to have an AI enemy (one capable of building and rebuilding Facilities) the player has to defeat before even having the option of going into orbit. However, I realize this would have to wait since AI is further down the road.

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