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11 years 4 months ago #510 by Desertfox
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Hi everybody!

I`ve played BP in the original beta, and the first 6 weeks or so in Live.
I liked the game very much, and had a great time playing as a member of The Black Hand.
Being unemployed at the time when BP went live I was able to play 24/7 but eventually decided to delete my empire mainly because I really needed to find a job and the game was too much of a distraction.

In my opinion BP had great potential, but was very poorly designed from a game point of view. This resulted in a game that was overly complex, strategically shallow and severely unbalanced. And then Dark Sky Entertainment kept changing the rules for the worse, leading to a mass exodus of players.

I think that design errors are the reasons the game failed. I have made a lengthy writeup called "re-designing BP" discussing the many design flaws and how to best remedy them. It is already on the Sourceforge forum so no need to post it again here.

Post 1 is the main writeup, and post 53 (date 2011-11-15 6:05:54 PST, reposted because it was missing) adds what to do with the designer.

Since the reception was lukewarm at best, I kinda gave up on BP.

Now that I heard that BP is possibly revived, I`m very interested to see what will be done with it. To be more precise: whether the design flaws are remedied or continued.

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