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Hello I am Alabrax.

I am 33, married and live in Ohio, USA. I have been playing computer games since 1995. I have played many different types of games over the years, Civ type games, RTS type games, RPG’s and a few FPS and Flight Sims. My favorite single player game line would the the Total War series of games and the Multi-player game I had the most fun in was Shadowbane (mostly because of the PVP). I still have weekly pen and paper gaming sessions with my gaming group where to play RPG’s and board games.

I have been part of the same online gaming group/guild/clan since 1996. Although that groups strongest gaming faction is WoW currently we cover many different games. I am the guild leader of the over all organization however not the leader of the WoW faction. (If interesting is learning more let me know) I have also been in leadership positions in a number of other guilds in numberous different games. I am not sure why I end up in that role but often I do. In BP however I am not looking to be a guild leader, I would like to take a break from that and just enjoy a game for once.

In BP I look forward to the nation building and the politics of the game. I am glad they included the Galactic Senate the way they have, because I feel this will be a good source of in game drama. I believe that the ability to work together with in your guild and the guild’s level of organization will be more important then raw technology. Organization > Tech.

I value honesty, loyalty, maturity, initiative, wisdom, humility and intelligence.

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