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14 years 6 months ago #97 by infinitymoo
Qua Sha Conclave was created by infinitymoo
Join the Qua'Sha Conclave!

There is a void in each of us. A need for purpose. A need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. There is a way to channel rage into harnessed might, chaos into directed power and fear into gathered strength. By having a purpose, we gain control. By gaining control, we open unlimited possibilities through unity and synergy of each other's combined strength. This is the way of Qua'Sha - Freedom through Purpose.

Some other bitter leaders have lost themselves to that void. They have formed so-called 'federations', in the name of independence - lying about freedom from consequence of barbarian actions. Trying to run from truth. Misjudging unity as oppression, misjudging purpose as constraint. What rogue faction hasn't been extincted? How can division bring prosperity? What outlaw hasn't lost everything again and again? Left with nothing, not even dignity, not even a cause - meaningless anarchy for short-lived fruitless reward.

There is always a choice. But if a choice is not made, it defaults into entropy and weakness. Your wealth will only be looted by chaotic forces who care nothing for neutrality and feast on the weak.

Your path has come to a crossroad. Which way will you choose?

Freedom through Purpose! In unity we can go... beyond fear, beyond individual constraint, beyond protocol!

Find your purpose in the Conclave. Find real friends. Find true freedom.

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Contact Havoc in game for more information.
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