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8 years 10 months ago #577 by Cyrusblack2
Beyond Protocol Game map was created by Cyrusblack2

im not entirely certain if this map will be 100% accurate over time, but this is the old game universe map.

ill be posting more help files as time goes on. 1/30 armor and basic unit designs and all that happy stuff

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8 years 8 months ago #780 by Desertfox
Replied by Desertfox on topic Re: Beyond Protocol Game map
The part around Docchu is correct (the 8 T2's and 16 T1's attached)
However after that it is no longer correct. New systems have appeared that are not on this map.

Docchu connects to another T3 called Cednci. Connected to Cednci are two T2's (probably more in the future) called Holngu and Lucepi. Holngu and Lucepi also have a direct connection to each other.
Connected to T2 Holngu are the T1s Latfyi and Acocko (the last one gets censored by the chat)
Connected to T2 Lucepi are the T1s Lucsce and Cedfte

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