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8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 6 months ago #1229 by Light
Light Contributes - Research/Income Calc

Hello friends!

This is a calculator that I made in excel (because I don't full grasp VB yet) based on my understanding of how the game works. It might be off but has been accurate enough for me.

To use it, you input the data where it says to "INPUT THESE VALUES" and it should display the results to the right. So far, to my knowledge, this only works in excel and not open office or google docs (it kind of works in other formats but default time sets to 30 days instead of 0).

---> Change the "Information Used in These Tables" percent speed of lab to:

100, 60, 36, 21.6, 12.96, 7.78, 4.67, 2.80

(We're taking the 100% initial lab speed and multiplying it [and then its results] but the 60%, or .6).

***I don't know the reliability of attachments in the forum, so both the "attachments" and the media fire link are to the same thing***
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