Noob Vs Griefing

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Why not just have a blanket protection on all players who start for say 100-150 hours of game time. That will end up giving them roughly 2-4 weeks (depending on how much time they are playing) to get built up and ready. For those that are wiped and have to respawn, give them something like 30-50 hours of in game protection. This will allow people to build up at their own pace and not giving them a perma shield.

You would also need to balance this with their ability to attack others. You have two options, if they war dec anyone, then they automatically lose their shields and "noob/spawn status," OR you can have it where they are only allowed to attack someone with in their military/Avg score range. Both have their draw backs.

This would fix everything, except for excessive/long term griefing. 100-150 hours is plenty of time to get to the 100-200 tech level, and have produced a space station with adequate military (most likely in the destroyer range).

The only thing you would have to worry about, is some one trying to spread their time out, by building stuff, then logging off the game, but this might not even be a real problem for noobs, but respawned accounts.

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sounds like a descent plan actually. ask para or anxcon about it, or set up a "vote" thread

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Ghosage wrote: Seriously the 90% is kind of ridiculous.

Noob: defined as someone that is under 1 week play time (not real time)
Under 200k military or 125k total score.
Any person sitting in chat is responsible for their loss of noob status.

Griefing: Total destruction of every colony that player owns with out "just cause".
Player must be left alone for minimum of 1 week after destruction of colonies unless they go on the attack.

Not Griefing: destruction of fleets especially if at whs
partial destruction of colonies that allow a player to build back up.
Agent missions

Griefing: Sorry, don't agree with this part. If someone starts a fight, their will be total destruction

Other than that, I have no issues

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