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13 years 10 months ago - 13 years 10 months ago #265 by Vimes
Vimes - A statement on the war was created by Vimes
This forum needs a cleanup and massive compaction but will suit me for now as I dont wish to post on forums where the moderators/admins feel they can abuse and ridicule me at will and call any critisism a flame of the developers.

I can get shirty when a player in main chat brings up a bug affecting him, such as hangars not discharging units when requested or under attack, a developer/moderator is in channel and see's this, and I mistakenly confirm it whilst Vexus is attacking me. Up too that point he had avoided the obvious target with a sting in its tail...until the bug is mentioned in main. Then he immediately attacks my hangar which has enough units to deal with him in and kills it. He then - no doubt - proceeds to do same knowing I am affected by a bug. I left at this point. Thats an exploit I am afraid folks.

For posting this in a naturally shirty manner I get my post edited and ridiculed. I then post saying fine I wont post further and add a line to my signature - - Coming soon - much more critical reviews - you cant pay us off!!

This was a change coming - I intend to mount a small (obvioulsy my site isnt 'noteworthy' enough to mount a decent one) crusade against pay for review sites which i think need outing.

Aurelius took this badly and ..well I wont dwell on the emails contents but its not printable in public and wasnt worthy of him imo.

This has led to me questioning my involvement in playing this game as I cant seem to experience it like everyone else. The full invulnerability was put up while i decide and tbh if i could have just raised it on a couple of systems and let the rest go i would have - the amount of info was bewildering and i was crashing every other environment chage - so wasnt enjoying the war per se. I now feel bad for the guildies who didnt expect or desire this war as they have been thrown to the wind by us - with me absent over this and Havoc having just got a manic hours job. Seems morax has taken charge which pretty much dooms anyone left in the guild. I am in a quandry - I have never lost or been killed off before and it does rankle.

Add to that - who couldnt decimate an ally who freely allowed you to leave units everywhere for months while we warred against foes together. All this over morax who was soon to be forced to make his own guild when it was seen he could start away from dominion (everyone deserves some decent game experience - even morax). RT was drunk, narn was bored and vexus to weak to be the diplomat. Kinda shabby way to end an alliance but thats dominion it seems :(
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13 years 9 months ago #267 by Malinko
Replied by Malinko on topic Re:Vimes - A statement on the war
karma is a bitch.

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