Freedom of Neutrality Act

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14 years 3 months ago #212 by Megatron
Freedom of Neutrality Act was created by Megatron
It is hereby decree that any truly neutral players (Players with no guild affiliations) are to be free to exist in a peaceful manner within the space of The Black Hand. Said neutrals, though they may be given the opportunity to join the Black Hand, they are not inclined to do so, and will be able to turn down the offer without consequence.

The Black Hand respects parties to remain guild-less and neutral and will not attack any neutrals without provocation. These members will also be allowed to trade freely on the markets of the systems they inhabit.

However, should a neutral party act hostile or be found to be giving away intel to a known enemy of the Black Hand, they will be evicted from those systems. By force if need be.

--Overlord Megatron
of The Black Hand

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