Weapons systems Redsign theory - projectiles

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9 years 1 month ago #974 by Cyrusblack2

Railgun, Cannon, Machine gun

LOS: initiates systems lock on (radar dependent)
Locking on Base effect: time to lock on dependent on gun size ( -3 seconds base value)
Yaw max and rate: max degrees of fire from initial placement, and how fast (45* max, at 5* per second)
Firing Salvo: number of shots fired in tandem, and how many seconds between (3 shots 1second)
Reload: how long till next salvo (5 seconds)
Stock: total number of salvos (12 Salvos)

DMG: 1k Impact (20%)
AOE: 10 Meters, 2K Thermal (40%) 2k Impact (40%)

Hull usage: dependent on Weapon Caliber (DMG , AOE or not, exc)
Power usage: ROF, yaw and max rate, other factors
Time to Research: how complex the design is
Production time: overall addition of stats
Officers: dependent on weapon complexity
Enlisted: support crew

Research costs: complexity based
Production costs: overall stat based
Restock costs: how much it costs for an engineer or support/utility class ship to refill ammo
Maintenance costs: .05% of build cost, plus crew expenses
Officers ( 45 credits)
Enlisted (10 credits)

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8 years 5 months ago #1636 by Imperior
That's a very interesting concept,I've seen many games like that(Supreme Commander for example),but I would worry about how many core modifications it would take to implement.
By now I would be very thankful is basic re-balance in the costs were done.
50damage x 3s reload = 50M
150damage x 3s reload = 500M
50damage x 1s reload =75M
200damage x 3s reload =2B
It's just too unlogic and exponential.
It get to the point the biggest possible weapon is a frigate's one and a 200DPS fighter gun cost as many as a 1DPS battleship gun even if the battleship one is a huge cannon that consume lots of space and people,and the fighter's one is a little machine gun.

PS:all the concepts,that you wrote,else than the balancing are already in the game with the exceptions of Locking on Base(would probably require some engine rewrites and could become more boring/unrealistic than it is(AI's instant calculate trajectories)) and Reload would need Stock,Stock is something that would add another interesting thing in the game,but would need not only a massive rewrite,new modules and maybe buildings,but it could unbalance the game hard.

Hope you,the administrator and players find this interesting as I found.

By Oversee Imperior

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8 years 5 months ago #1637 by cyrusblack
Replied by cyrusblack on topic Re: Weapons systems Redsign theory - projectiles
doubt it, the game really needs to be made from the ground up. i am really happy that you care enough to propose solutions though

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