Make Inactive Player Holdings Go To Pirates

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3 years 8 months ago #4197 by Amerlain
Hi again. I just had this idea a little bit ago. I'm not sure how people would feel about this, but I figured I'd share. The idea is: when a player is inactive for a certain amount of time (3 months?), the player would be declared officially inactive by the server and all their holdings (their colonies, their credits, their units) would go over to the Pirates account. Afterward, units, stations, and facilities would become visible on the galactic map just like any pirates units that spawn otherwise. Some kind of AI could start the units in any environment moving towards nearby active player facilities in a mass (or cycled) Pirates attack. Resources in player colonies with a tradepost would be listed by the Pirates account for trade. This would allow the Pirates account to be the source of Pirates-hunting excitement without the need to develop an advanced ai.

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