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8 years 1 week ago - 8 years 1 week ago #1843 by Havoc
Stargate BP1 was created by Havoc
Hey all. There was a lot of in game chatter about this topic, but I wanted to give the forum an update.

Right now, Stargates, once researched, allow a player with a single space engineer to open a wh to any system not marked (S). It appears at the point of the one engineer in both systems and lasts for 24 hrs. I'm not sure that this has been fixed, but one TP player was able to open 1 per system, not just 1 per day.

We at TP believe this to be OP (but until it is changed, it IS the game mechanic). So, we (along with several AO players online at the time) proposed that "Stargates" be a planet based building which requires two such buildings on separate planets. A player would dock units into this building and then choose another stargate to send them to. The units would be instantly transferred next to the building on the other end.

I created a model for such a building. It's fairly simple (on purpose), bears a remarkable resemblance to a show very dear to most of us ;) and would do the job. I attached a screenshot of the model in Blender.

That was more than a week ago. I believe Sirparadox is apprehensive about making this change and feels the current system is the uber tech which it was intended to be. So, I'm bringing it to the forum. What does everyone think? Leave it as is, make them planet based, make them planet based but make a better model?

We also talked about a space version of this tech which would create more permanent wh's (but still supported by a destructible building on both sides), but I wanted to see Sirp implement the planet based one before I did the extra work.

EDIT: Attaching is not working, I'll have to do this the Admin way... Grrr, site seems to be having a problem uploading images... No pic for now, imagine a stargate... sorry... will try to get the site working properly...
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