Would you like a story line?

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10 years 1 day ago #1827 by Praxis84
Would you like a story line? was created by Praxis84
Good day,

I wanted to possibly start a conversation and hear everyone's thoughts on working out a story line for Beyond Protocol?

This would help give a focus to part of the game, and allow progression into something other than an endless expansion to overwhelm all other players. Not that overwhelming people with a super empire is not fun - but it could allow for more variety in game play and creation of different weapons and armor, gathering of experience that players could enjoy prior to waging galactic war for supremacy.

I have some ideas for ways of making this work, but is anyone else interested in such a thing? I have the chops to help work on it if people are interested in this being added.

Let me know.

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9 years 11 months ago #1835 by cyrusblack
Replied by cyrusblack on topic Re: Would you like a story line?

Players create their own stories and legacies. thats part of the whole pull of BP.

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