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Special Tech Ideas was created by deveroes
SirP, I know you are busy enough just trying to keep the server running and coding the end techs but ive had some thoughts on a couple of them and thought this would be a good place to post them. I know cloaking is a tech that's already supposed to be in the game, here are my thoughts on this.

Cloaking Tech-
Parameters; Cloaking only works when target is stationary, when cloaked targets shields and weapons are inoperable. Weapons and shields become available as soon as target begins moving again.

cloaking comes in two parts, a visual cloaking part that is a part of shield tech, and a detection cloaking that is part of jamming tech. also as part of it, if another player has cloaking tech they can have a detection cloak as part of there anti jamming attribute in there radar.

The reason I say cloaking should only work when a target is stationary, nor should weapons or shields be operable is because ships are hard enough to find as it is and people going around with invisible ships would cause even less combat. and the fact that if a ship is trying to hide it would make seance that they would shut down as many systems as possible to avoid detection. It would also be maddening to be flying around being shot at, not having any idea where its coming from, and not being able to fight back.

The nice part about the difference in visual cloaking and detection cloaking is also the issue with invisible ships at least with corvettes and smaller. the detection cloaking would also be apart to enemy ships being unable to get a weapons lock. Adding the ability to detect cloaked ships would add another interesting aspect to game play and would also get the jamming and anti jamming in radars used more.

Every tech must have strengths and weaknesses, I believe this is a well balanced way to implement this tech.

The second is the nano armor one I talked to you about earlier but ive given it some more thought and like to see what you think of it.

Nano repair systems-
Conditions; Required parts and materials must be contained within the ship in cargo space, nano repair can only be done when ship is not being attacked, or attacking, and must be stationary, The more complicated the component the longer it takes to repair.

I think this would be a rather nice tech so if a ships eng gets damaged or destroyed it is not abandoned for all time. If it can stay safe long enough it can repair itself. This would also be nice for ships that are slow moving and a long way from SS where they can be repaired. It would work a lot in the same way that facilities repair themselves with what is available in colony cargo. This would also go in hand with fuel in cargo space for other special tech. There could possibly be the addition later on of another tech that would allow repairs to be made during combat. such as repairing of armor to a side that's not actively being engaged.

I wish I could be more helpful on the coding side but right now this is about all I can do.
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