Proposed Backstory Addendum for Afterprotocol

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(This could be spun off into a AP: fanfiction or roleplay thread)

The Beyond Protocol Saga: The Great Anomaly

During the time of the first Galactic Senate,at the height of the age of exploration of the Milky Way, a terrible disaster occurred, one that would affect space travel and civilization on all worlds galaxy-wide: The Great Anomaly. The G.A., as referred to scientists in the know, was an event that resulted from what was theorized to be a "gravitational shift" within the black hole at the galaxy's center, or dark matter with that same spatial anomaly. Whatever the cause, it resulted in an intense gamma ray pulse being emitted. The resulting wave of rays destroyed all oribital facilities, spacecraft, and space-borne colonies, as well as life on many planets galaxy-wide.

The survivors who remained found themselves in a Dark Age of sorts, the previous technological high fading to a post G.A. nightmare of colonies (what ones remained) being isolated and cut off, civilization hanging by a thread. However, all was not lost...the Galactic Senate was able to maintain cohesion ,if in reduced form, using indirect communications to re-establish contact with some of the galactic powers that remained. That was just yesterday; today is the day after the protocol of the Old Senate, and is the dawn of a new era of space travel...feel the wind of destiny, find your ambition, and seize a place on the galactic stage. Be The Tradesman, The Conqueror, The Diplomat, The Technocrat, The any and all...the universe is full of endless possibilities.
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