New "Comrad M-XPRS" engineer now on Galactic-Trade

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6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #2773 by MetAssassina
Now available on the Galactic Trade:

The new Comrad M-XPRS, an space-engineer specially designed for newcomers or returnees

Cheap, efficient and handy:

->> High speed (255) and maneuver

->> Equipped with radar and light armor

->> A very visible hull showing your choose Player ID Color

->> And the special "M" cargo space of 200 units,
just the right amount to bring at the base to be able study a new found minerals!

(if none in stock, just mail ingame, tnx)

Tips to new :

Always use a high speed eng. when it's time to fly to others systems,
with beginning eng. it will take weeks or months, with a high speed one only days.

Always check the Trade,
you can buy high speed engineers, high speed space+athmo transport
but also power-engines and shields for your facilities with high spec.
designed by players with high tech. levels.
(you will have to research lot of tech. before reaching that level of teh./spec. ,
so always good to take a look at the Trade Window...)
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