RP - Statement of The Free Colonies of Zamador

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6 years 9 months ago #2567 by Talarial
People of de Milky Way,

I, Talarial, leader of the newlyfounded Free Colonies of Zamador, have an annoucement to make, which will change the life of the people who were thriving under my benevolent rule.
After long, hard and yet platonic talks between AnuBis and I, the decision has been made to free the people of the Free Colonies of Zamador from slavery. Now, not only our Colonies will be free, but our inhabitants will be too.

From now, the Free Colonies of Zamador forbid his inhabitants to own others inhabitants; a minimum wage of a cent and a half of credits per tick is implementend; and corporal punishment against employees are forbidden.

Therefore, slavery is banned! Rejoice!

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