How to survive pirates? (tips for newB)

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How to survive pirates? (tips for newB) was created by MetAssassina
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This post just in case others would have to face pirates too early.
As new, asking older player to correct and comment when needed.

When new, you spawn in a spawn system, in that system you will not be attacked by pirates until you or another player in system find a worm-hole or send a battle group out of that system.

This happened in my spawn system, just after few day. At the beginning of the game you have no way/power to fight back pirates, they will attack and destruct one of you colony every 5 hours.

Actually pirates do attack every active players every 5h (and yes this is way too much, you can add your comment about in the post linked bellow about pirates).
If you resist first wave, they will send 5 waves, each time stronger.
So there is no way to resit or even fight back for a newB…

To survive them, use space guerilla tactic :

Split your facilities all over the planet, as pirates target one facility from space then attack it, then the next facility if one close to first, generally the Command Centre.
This way you will only have to rebuild the CC or few facilities.

>>after some time (?) they will target generetors, so build some bonus...and still far from other building

There is anothet tactic using opposit way explained here:

Best solution seems to be building CC and generator shielded with shield buyed on Trade, idea is to resist and not figth back. If you figth back pirate call next wave, more powerfull...

As soon as possible colonize all the planets of your spawn system with some space engineers, put at least one CC on every planet, this will lower probability of important colonies to be destroyed. Don't forget to build various ground engineers and to put them far from CC (and send space engineers back to space far enough from planet), to be able to rebuild fast.
Plus this will bring you more credits (you can put tax at 80% on one CC standing alone)

Build your first space station far enough from any planets, this place will be safe, pirates don't attack space station (except if close to planet).

Once you will have researched enough, you will be able to build facilities that can resist and even destroy the 5 wave of a major pirate attack.

Various players are asking to lower the attack frequency or to suspend them, you can support this demand and read the reason here:,...c,view/id,2398/#2398
and here:,...6/func,view/id,2225/
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