Please lower pirates attack frequency

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7 years 6 months ago - 7 years 6 months ago #2398 by MetAssassina
Please lower pirates attack frequency was created by MetAssassina
There are already post about but want to insist, specially when learned that pirate attack only active players. Don't hesitate to add you input.

1- Attacking only active player means the pirates don't even "clean the server" from inactive units.
2- Attacking active players means attacking new players. As if someone (else) open the spawn system, the new player will face pirates way too early.
3- Those attacks are so frequent that new players can't progress, nor really enjoy the game as they have to spend time to rebuild, erase alert mail and such. Recently couldn't connect 3 days, please calculate the number of colonies to rebuild…
4- New players have to learn/study lots of infos, rules and such, the game is complex and need already lot of time, therefore when you add those constant pirates attack it quickly turn very frustrating…
5- As there is absolutely no way to really resist nor fight-back against pirates when new, later with the 5 waves, one need to be really strong to be able to resist.
6- Those attacks don't even hurt older/strong players, they only are a problem for new players
7- Those attacks clutter up the Galactic News feed. It's harder to see what is actually happening in the universe when real events are hidden by the constant messages for the pirate attacks.

For all this reason (and more) pirates are a problem for new players when this game need more of them.
So please lower dramatically the frequency, at least 50h/attack or other solution to avoid new players (even when spawn opened).

Thanks a lot in advance.

If you are new, here are some tips to survive pirates:,...c,view/id,2399/#2399
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