Server Maintenance 2012-06-16 06:00a - 03:00p EST

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10 years 9 months ago #1286 by SirParadox
Server is down for happy maintenance. Going fantastic. Expect it up in another hour or so. The lenghy time is due to me making said lengthy time, less in the future :)

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10 years 9 months ago #1287 by TheHand
Hey SirP quick question, does research carry on whilst the servers are down or is it from the pre reboot save when they come back up?

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10 years 9 months ago #1288 by SirParadox
After any downtime, crash, or safe; The server will roll forward the clock and therefore you gain lost research time, production time, etc.

However. As Ghosage pointed out. If you rolled a new special, and didn't get to start it, you're screwed.

I suggested I might change the roll-forward clock. Instead of doing a flat roll-forward, automatically award all players 'research' points as a claimable reward, after any downtime. This will cap out at like 3 days. Research Points as a claimable was written and used by EnochDagor in the past. I just have to research how to add them.

Don't hold your breath as my PRIMARY focus is on server stability, hardening, automation. (now that I have some time to progress where I left off in the past) (and I self forced myself to cuz I fired (temp or perm) AnxCon)

Servers still down. The disk has been on fire with my changes. I am making massive strides and only down to two tables that need major alterations. Then I bring it up and test. And watch it 'expload' loosing all hulls - units - lol.

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10 years 9 months ago #1289 by deveroes
I hope your on the testing phase by now and all is going well, I am finding myself hitting the refresh button on the website every 5 min or so. ~eye twitch~

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10 years 9 months ago #1290 by Vaporific
I'm pretty sure it's been more than an hour, in fact, it's been 24 hours... What gives?

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10 years 9 months ago #1291 by SirParadox
Sorry for the delays, but they are WELL worth it.

I'm not looking for empathy or sympathy. However I just want the crew to know that me personally...

my mom was diagnosed
Sat Mar 17th (sisters bday) - Mom was diagnosed with a fistula between her bladder and colen. (Explained 2 years of growing issues)

Wed Apr 11th - Mom went in for dual laproscopy surgury to remove / correct the fistula. It was
determined it did not exist, the bowel side of the building was clean as a whistle. No signs of colitus or anything that they thought. However there was a strange 'pocket' attached inside her bladder.

Thu Apr 12th - My bday - Doctors called back to report initial fears of what they learned while in there.

Fri Apr 13th - Doctors got results of deep tissue biopsy, and diagnosed it with super agressive stage-3 bladder cancer.

* plan was to now remove bladder, spare parts. Plan was to Kemo, not for this cancer, but for any possible renegade cells that had escaped and could cause cancer elsewhere. They were on the fence about bladder removal first then kemo, or kemo first then bladder. They choose kemo first.

Mom Apr 15th - Mom crashed. She received high prednisone steroid on the 11th surgury, 5 days later your adrenal gland is suposed to wake up and take over. Hers died. Went to the ER. She was in ICU - SDU (step down) until the 20th. It was a daily chaos of 'at night all is well' 'the next morning another major event took place' ... she was down to 20 pulse and 70/ bp at one point, and < 10 rr. It was pretty fun.

She came home. She recovered. She went in for various Kidney tests to proove out the kidney can withstand filtering the kemo. She was given a green light.

Mon May 21st - Mom got a UTI / fever, but didn't realize it.
Tue May 22nd - Mom had her chest port installed (iv port).
Wed May 23rd - Mom got her first dose of kemo.
Thu May 24th - Mom was AOK bairly feeling the expected effects of kemo.
Fru May 25th - Mom reported a fever of 102. Docs said this was too soon for it to be kemo related, monitor and report monday. Take just tylenol, not much as to monitor the existance of the fever but keep it below 101.
Sat - fever going down
Sun - vever turned to chills, figured we craked it.
Mon - Mom was happily resting, while the family team worked feverisly on 'the house' stuffs..
Mon - 2pm - Dad reports mom is sleeping
Mon - 3pm - GF reports mom is sleeping
Mon - 4pm - Dad reports mom is sleeping
Mon - 5pm - Dad reports mom is sleeping
Mon - 6pm - I decide 'She slept all day, no meds, better check her'.
She had a 103.9 fever.
Code red emergency.
-> ER 18hrs -> diagnosed w/ kidney failure + UTI + Sepsima blood infection + C-Diff bowel infection
-> ICU 48hrs -> recovered fine
-> HOSP (5hrs) cancer ward, for recovery
** Mom suffered a stroke on the left side of her brain, right in the Right side motor control + word generation.
Mom diagnosed with Expressive Aphasia.
-> SDU (2 week) - recovered
-> NEU unit - 1.5 weeks - recovering
Mom is now in agressive, military style, boot camp for little old ladies.

My plan is 2-4 weeks of intensive (3hr per day) phys rehab
Then 4-8 weeks of rehab (1.5 hr per day)
On top of that we have a 5 doctor conference in 2 weeks to redetermine the cancer battle.

Mom has 14 specalists, along with 8 of their respective peers. + her PCP. + her brother (chief internist @ alabama state univ) ...
Sadly it's been determined, me being a Disaster recovery specalist, and me having no adrenalyn, and I am fully trained in disaster mitigation... well... I am her quarterback doctor.

SO. There are times when I must drop everything and coordinate with a team of doctors.
Or there are times when I must get up from whatever I am doing, and immediatly report to the hospital for a briefing with a specalist.

SO. On top of all that I fired Anxcon. Why? I was SICK of hearing bla bla bla bla bla about the degration of the game, the game politics, this, that. Aneqdotal evidence all over the place from players, and a dev who was making 'official dev pov comments' that were totally wrong. It's better for the long-term survival of BP as a whole if that element is removed. It forces ME to go back to coding the bulletproofing of the servers.

This means I will get a little 'agressive' with it.

This might mean some extended downtime while I tear the shit out of the game. Yesterday I removed 60-70% of the database cruft. That means the Load/Unload(downtime) times are now HUGLY reduced. I was able to code friday getting the startup routine honed into almost perfection, with some more work scheduled.

Friday did that.
Saturday was ripping apart the DB. Unfortunatly this can only occur when the game is offline.
Sadly the HDD raid of the box is not zippy, and the Index's I am adding, archive tables, this, that, take quite some time to get into place. Once they are in place they will make all future things of this nature fast as fuck.
Sadly Friday night when the game was 'ready to run', I was remote @ the hospital and VNC was failing me so I could not check the final checkbox (Corrected, box checks itself now)
Sadly Saturday, I fucked up and accidently deleted tblHardPoints, and had to wait 2 hours for a DB restore.
Sadly saturday night, I had to goto the hospital from 6pm EST to 9pm EST. When I got home I ate food for the first time in 2 days, watched a movie with GF and Nephew, and fell asleep.

Sunday, now. The DB work is complete. SOme final tuning. And then I begin the UP process.
I have drastically changed how 'PlayerMission' and 'PlayerActivity' and 'PlayerComms' store in the DB, so they now do not use Enochs approach of
... .Read from DB... on save.. DELETE db.. INSERT to db... instead i Preserve the primary key, re-coded the game to keep track.. and only UPDATE on safe down, what needs updating.



I expect the game up today. I do not expect to goto the HOSP till much later in the day.
I expect to be on station (@ my home) doing deck work, roof woof, back yard swayle installation.
Therefore I will be on top of debugging mah stuff

I hope this helps.
I hope you all understand.
I am in this alone right now.
If I could even get say 'Ghosage' admin access to the server to bring it up when it crashes, I will. But when I have ripped apart everything, only I can actually bring it up and see the errors I created.

No matter what, I can gaurentee for you all. These two downtimes have been massive forward progress. These are not your typical 'crash - server down - QQ'. These are expected 'lets get this shit good' :)

Have a fantastic fathers day!

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