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11 years 4 months ago #446 by Vimes
Email Alerts was created by Vimes
One thing I remember from my time playing Beyond Protocol was the deluge of email alerts. Mostly repetative and the usefulness of the interactive commands was always tempered by the simple nature of the replies and the easily disasterous results that would have vs an online and aggressive foe.

Emails should be targetted at the smartphone client rather than pc based players. A pc player would either be unable to go in game to deal or would be able too,and having a pc would not inhibit a smartphone orientated alert being used. Not sure how to take advantage of that interface much myself, I would appreciate some ideas in that area.

I would want more options, in both content and frequency of alerts. Instant to daily summary would be a good range with weekly summaries for those deemed inactive.

Would a good model for a low cost system include small payments for a set total of instant alerts with the default model a zero cost daily summary?

Can anyone explain any issues they remember or havenoticed in the code?

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11 years 4 months ago #448 by Trifler
Replied by Trifler on topic Re: Email Alerts
One thing to keep in mind was that DSE implemented it with text messages in mind. The Smartphones, as such, either didn't exist or hadn't taken off yet. If the focus was switched to Smartphones, a lot more could be done, including a Smartphone GUI that allows the player to assign orders to colonies (especially useful if a Colony Defense AI is ever implemented).

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11 years 4 months ago #501 by Astrogeorge
Replied by Astrogeorge on topic Re: Email Alerts
I had problems with DSE email alerts,
my Hotmail account kept filtering them out as junk mail...

and I couldn't designate it safe because their address was generated randomly
and different each time...


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11 years 4 months ago #511 by Desertfox
Replied by Desertfox on topic Re: Email Alerts
The least you can do is remove the necessity to build massive amounts of officers to train spies.
There is already a building called Espionage Headquarters (not sure about the exact name).
Use that building to train a spy. After the spy is ready, the player can choose to either dismiss it, recruit it into his pool of active spies, or sell it.

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11 years 4 months ago #542 by Amerlain
Replied by Amerlain on topic Re: Email Alerts
I think updating the e-mail alert system to include a smartphone option would be a great idea, but perhaps the option could be offered as part of a Premium BP package. While I am a fan of BP being less expensive and more available to players in its new form in general, I think one way the cost of server maintenance/utilities/server rentals could be compensated for would be to offer some Premium options or content to those willing to pay more (but without compromising the core integrity of the game for non-payers). For those willing to pay a small upgrade fee (either one time or periodic), Smartphone Command and Conrol would be enabled, an updated version of the alert system. Those not paying would have the vanilla BP alerts and assorted commands still available to them.

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11 years 4 months ago #544 by Sokari
Replied by Sokari on topic Re: Email Alerts
would it be easier to allow facebook integration? most phones and other internet enabled devices are able to let people know if they've a new facebook alert, granted not everyone has a facebook account but it does seem an easy way to alert people no matter what they're using and also maybe get some publicity for the game, sort of like the GNS with key events been posted to players walls (of cause, with an option to disable this or set what will be posted and what won't be.)

with other people been able to see the notifications too it may make them click and take a look what it's all on about.

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