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A trip Down Memory lane.
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TOPIC: A trip Down Memory lane.

A trip Down Memory lane. 2 years, 6 months ago #2266

found some old images from back during the live game... thought id shae.
The Forgotten Alliance Vs Fire Hazard. much lulz where had. and i made this commemorative (shitty) webcomic. which.. started a bit of a trend. Fire Hazard had a bad tendency of getting uppity for no good reason, and had flipped his proverbial shit during my mass Game Maping project. we got tired of his bluster and we damaged his empire enough to get him to quit.

not long after that, a thing called warpoints showed up. the TC was not happy about it. i was ecstatic, as i had been suggesting it for a while. this webcomic portrayed my pleasure, as i felt that finally, some balance was being brought in to balance out the big players.

the Traders Consortium learned it was "my idea" and decided to dispense with mob justice and a beatable target for their frustration. Cyrus Hunting season started as a result. Malinko (who hated me anyway,) raven08 and Raptorjesus/aetherius something rather, can never remember. assaulted me. however, i was ... partially ready.. and i countered by destroying one of Malinkos wormohole gate Space stations (much to his rage and shock, which he treid to hide) and also leveling an entire cruiser/battleship fleet fielded by Raptorjesus with nothing but my Relvolver destroyers (10K dps projectiles, they did not amour against it). in the end, i lost all 120 of my aproximately 40-80 billion dollar units, but still gave them a black eye before they leveled most of my empire.

not long after the (relatively) inexperienced cyrus black got several serious blows to TC, and his behind handed to him, the Courageous and brave Qua Sha Conclave declared war on TC for its tyranny over the universe (a war, that they have only just won this past year, this was back in 2010). i represented them as a cannon to destroy the fortress empire that was Docchu (all TC's)

... unfortunately, TC had some secret things, that QSC didnt know about. .. such as a bigger stick... they wiped them, then they wiped the Forgotten alliance out, leaving us all to scramble and attempt to save our individual collective hides. i had warned for months of the TC's Duplicity. but no one listened to me till the last obstacle to their world conquest was destroyed.

i of course, had to come up with something clever, so i made duplicate accounts named cyrus_black, blew up my empire, and renamed myself secret aliases. unfortunately, this resulted in me having with clients open at a time (a chat client and teh game) and i tended to talk to myself, for comedies sake, the clones where a bit.... much... and i had to put them down eventually

doodles of the various players (anxcon is the green bear ghost sucking up money, he single handedly supplied 90% of the games ore and gear, for exorbitant prices.)

not much longer, i had the opinion the game was dead. and it was.. such a great game, i wish it still lived but in a better state.
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