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TOPIC: The TC-tBH Neo War

The TC-tBH Neo War 8 years, 5 months ago #240

My homes are just smoking ruins, factories are just piles of rubble, most of my friends and colonist are dead. That is all I see now, were 48hrs earlier, the 3rd empire of Thunderheart was rising from ashes, now is reduced to ashes. I have decided to fight to the death once again. I can not let these invaders go unpunished. I have ordered engineers to be built and hidden. I know I can not win, but I can be a Gnat, sniping away here and there. Drawing attention to myself, causing the enemy to waste time hunting me. Hopefully giving my allies time. Money is running low. Have no resources. Tech is far behind the enemies. Reduced to noob fighters. I fight on.

The Above partial note was recovered from the remains of the Thunderheart colonial headquarters on Neo14.
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The BH "death to TC" war--Neocli 8 years, 5 months ago #244

If you are viewing this, than the worse has happened. The Black Hand now has total control of the rich resource planet rich systems of Neo and Rad. My attempts at guallia warfare have failed. Many of our TC members have fallen, never to raise their banners again. Other TC members have battleshock and battlefatigue and are drifting system to system. This war was for all free galaxtic citizans. But now, tBH now own 98% of the universe. And somehow it was TC members that are concidered the most EVIL ones.

If I could, I would plead to the DSE gods to
'Go F888 yourselves'
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Rebirth....again 8 years, 4 months ago #257

....DNA extration complete....
....Cloning commenced....
....Birthing sequence initiated....

"AAGgg" as I rise from the slime tank. As I slowly step out of the tank I reliaze I am not alone. I look up and see a smiling tBH member. "Ah shi.." as he gives me a 3rd eye.

....Birthing sequence initiated.....

"OHhhh...not again". maybe I should stay in the slime tank? ooops, just farted, maybeee.. yep time to get out.
"Aaahhg" as I quickly roll out of the slime tank on to the cold grated floor. I wipe the goo off with my hands and head towards out processing. MMm no welcome committee at least. I finally clear processing and step out to a new world, the first step in rebuilding my empire. I call to friends, only to find I am alone. Many of them, I find, rebirthed far away in another system. But I set myself to work, rebuilding..
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Re:Rebirth....again 8 years, 4 months ago #258

  • Alabrax
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Heh well this has been an entertaining read.

Good luck sir!
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Re:The TC-tBH Neo War 8 years, 4 months ago #259

  • rtejada
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aye good luck indeed. The universe has balanced itself. It is time for rebuilding and growth, let empires rise once again.
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