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Latest Patch Notes - 17th September 2009

Build Window

  • The Build window now uses a treeview for the list of buildable items
  • The Build Window will remember the expanded category settings for the current session
  • Flying units in a planet's atmosphere who have their engines destroyed by fighters that are specifically targeting the engine subsystem will now die as they should
  • Flying units that have their engines destroyed by a fighter specifically targeting the engine subsystem will now stop as they are supposed to
  • Point Defense weapons no longer consider their range to be halved when shooting at missiles for the purposes of accuracy
  • To hit calculations are now based on the relative speed between the attacker and the target
  • Missiles now detonate after flying a period of time
  • Fixed a bug where area effect damage would use all of the damage types of the weapon
  • Fixed an issue with viewing objects over a system's star(s) making it incredibly difficult to manage or see
  • Added tooltips to the Weapon Group selections in the AI Settings window
  • Added a quick message popup that indicates your current view. This can be disabled under Graphics -> Gameplay -> Show View Change Messages
  • Fixed a bug where units that are on the right and bottom edge of the map would not appear in planet map view
  • Fixed the requirements for many of the Diplomacy custom titles so that they work as intended
  • The range for Blood Brother is now accurate with regards to whether scores are automatically visible
  • Units now follow orders immediately when given an order to jump through a wormhole instead of completing the current order and then jumping
  • Removed unused /help commands
User Interface
  • Removed the large gray square in System Strategic View and replaced with something more functional
  • Wormholes now render in all views regardless of whether you have units in the environment
  • Wormhole labels now display in system Strategic View
  • Updated the Warning message on the hull builder for when structural hitpoints exceeds the hull size
  • Formation settings should be smarter about setting themselves when selecting groups of units you have issued orders to previously
  • Clicking Cancel Repair now correctly cancels the repair orders more reliably
  • The camera saves its previous view state in Galaxy Map View in the current session
  • Resizeable windows nolonger continue to move after they exceed their minimum or maximum allowed size
  • Mail window automatically sets focus to the To address, or the body section, when appropriate
  • Contents window will remove empty list items
  • Added "Remove Damaged" and "Remove UnDamaged" unit buttons to the multi-selected units interface
Zoom Changes View
  • Added the option called "Zoom Changes View" in the Options -> Controls window
  • Using the mouse wheel or Z key to zoom will cause the view to change when certain extents have been reached
  • This option is off by default
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