Mining in Beyond Protocol

Mining facilities will have a new bid interface. Each facility will take four bids. These four bids are going to receive 25% of the take. The remaining minerals always goes to the highest bidder. If you cannot pay for the bid or transfer the bid to your colony, then the bid is skipped to the next bidder. Each mining facility has a minimum bid.

The minimum bid is based on a economic model around the value of the mineral plus the demand of that mineral within the environment. Specifically, if people keep going for the mineral from that mine, the more expensive the minimum bid becomes. The minimum bid deflates on non-use or destruction of the mine.

  • The mine DOES count against the building points.
  • The owner of the mine receives 20% of the bid
  • The OWNER of the PLANET receives 20% of the bid.
  • You do not need to use cargo trucks for mining purposes any longer.

Rakura's FAQ's

1. How often do you get the minerals assuming you are in the top 4?
Assuming you are one of the top 4 bidders you will recieve credits every 5 seconds just like you do normal income. Obviously, this goes until you you have met your quota, the mining facility runs out / destroyed or you are out bid by another player.

2. How are the minerals divided when being pulled?
Essentially 25% of minerals harvested go to each of the 4 top bidders. If there are not 4 valid bidders, any extra percentages not assigned go to the top bidder. However, if a player in the top 4 does not have any space in their colony (available storage), or runs out of money the 5th place bidder gets the slot and then the answer to question 1 is then applied.

3. If there are 8 mines of the same material can I bid on one and potentially get minerals from all 8 if I win the bid?
No, each mine is independent of the others. Therefore, if you want to get more of a resource you need to bid on more then one mine to ensure you get a maximum mineral flow to your colony. Also by keeping the facilities independent it also allows you to have the chance to win more bids and help to ensure that a single empire is not able to monopolize the market.

4. What happens if the mining facility gets destroyed?
When the mine is removed from the f8 menu the bids are attached to that and thus are cancelled through the removal. This also happens when the mine is emptied.

5. Hypothetical: if a bid was just paid at the exact moment the building is destroyed then what happens?
Bid gets paid and the facility is lost

6. What if I have an existing route on a facility after the patch was released?
Until the mine's cargo space is empty it mines the cargo from the mine. However, no new minerals are placed into the cargo of that mine. If a new mining facility is built the cargo space will never fill with minerals.

7. Have the requirements of the mining facility hull been changed if question 5 is true?
Yes, mining facilities no long require doors, hangars or cargo space in order to function. This will allow full dedication to production and armor.

8. Will having better production on my mining facilities make them more profitable?
Yes, since you will be able to pull more minerals out of the ground you will be able to make more money faster and potentially run your competitors out of business.
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