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Written by Marc Letford   
Sunday, 14 September 2008 20:33

Welcome to.. Space Available

Throw a quick glance below and have the usual jaded mental shrug . It's a galaxy picture such as we have seen many times before thanks to NASA, Star Trek and such.

Except - now look again - and then click on the Image to open it up in original size. Now look. Remember that cluster of systems on the BETA server?...that 3D system map you have spun around and around? Below is a screenshot of a 3D map of Space Available - the term adopted by Dark Sky Entertainment to encompass the scale of the play area in Beyond Protocol. This image was taken by a developer from his game screen in a developed (or visible - I havent clarified yet) game server.

Its kinda BIG


Close examination will reveal what is familair to BETA testers - Wormhole connections.
The wormhole system connects all the systems together in the following method.


Tier 1 = Single System
Tier 2 = Nexus System
Tier 3 = Cluster Nexus


Tier 4 = Sector Nexus
Tier 5 = Quadrant Nexus
Tier 6 = Galaxy Nexus
Tier 7 = Universal Nexus
  • Everyone starts off in a Tier 1 system.
  • Each Tier 1 system connects to aTier 2.
  • EachTier 2 connects to a Tier 3.
  • There is nothing greater than Tier 3 yet but as the game expands we could possibly see all of them.
  • We are looking at around 500-1000 per Cluster.


At Tier 1, no one from a Tier 2 will be able to get to your system via wormhole until you have used your wormhole first. The wormhole on that side will not exist yet. Once your wormhole has been used, by any player, then a wormhole will spawn in the Tier 2 system.

Btw - dont get excited - this is of no strategic value,  mostly down to the inability of a mere screenshot to keep focus on this scale.



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